Imagine Music Festival 2021

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Imagine Music Festival ~ September 17-19, 2021 (Rentals are for the full duration of the festival!)

All lockers are CHARGING & STORAGE. Every locker comes equipped with 4 internal USB ports. Anything with a USB cord can charge (phones, cameras, pens, portable batteries, etc.). No external battery packs. No phone valets. No compromising your property or sensitive information. You’re “fully in charge” at all times. Secure your personal, essential items and merch! Don’t lose your keys, wallet, ID, etc.! Be free to enjoy yourself!

Two Locker Sizes- approximate measurements:

Traditional: 11″(w) x 8″(h) x 15″(d)    

Large: 11″(w) x 16″(h) x 15″(d)

The USB ports are universal for any cord. Cord options include: bringing your own or purchasing a brand-new one. (Yours to keep.)

You will receive an email confirmation with your locker assignment information. No waiting or standing in line; access your locker at your convenience!

Rent Now! Prices will increase for on-site rentals!